1.    Positive team culture.
2.    Effective, empathetic leadership.
3.    Dedicated, skilled staff.
4.    Efficient systems for food quality and service

When these four components are in place, a stable operation is not just achievable, it is also sustainable. We use a variety of result driven methods to help clients attain these four key elements of a successful operation. Our goal is to create positive, sustainable, hospitality operations that can serve communities. 

What to expect

Cumberland Heritage is a holistically-minded hospitality solutions company providing thoughtful solutions for common culinary industry issues. We work with restaurants, private clubs and food service companies looking to create sustainable kitchen operations. We view the operation holistically and believes that there are four key components to achieving sustainability in the culinary industry:  


Culinary Leadership Guidance 

  • We will develop systems with your leadership team to effectively communicate your company’s mission to your staff.

Hospitality Operations

  • Using empirical systems backed by fourteen years of experience we can help your business run at its full potential. 

Thoughtful team building 

  • Group sessions revolving around each person’s needs and wants from your operation. We will teach your team how to come together to achieve a common goal.  

Staff retention techniques

  • In an industry of high turnover, we will teach your leadership team how to gently bring on new staff and keep them around to help your business flourish.   

Creating safe team idea sessions

  • Let your team express their creativity in a positive space so they feel valued and inspired. 

Staff evaluation criteria development 

  • Develop an effective evaluation system that will leave your team empowered and give them goals to work toward for your operation. 

Nutritional menu planning

  • As our guests start to be more conscious of their health, do not get left in the dark. We will educate your team on nutritional trends, cooking practices, and how to market these practices to your guests. 

Administrative skills for chefs

  • Culinary operations large and small all need organization on the backend. We have a robust archive of systems and documents that will help organize your team and set them up for success for events or dinner service.   

Productivity consulting

  • How to make the most out of your team’s hours and shining light on the missed areas in the operations.

Culinary team building 

  • How to staff, empower, and support your operation so it will thrive. 

Mission statement development  

  • New business or historic property, your team needs a mission. Let us help you find it.

Staff training protocol development 

  • Get your team on the same page by standardizing your training. We will build a training protocol catered to your operations needs and help your team implement it. 

Culinary recruiting tools 

  • Learn how to bring culinary recruiting in house to take back control of who you staff in your kitchen. We use digital recourses and the Cumberland Heritage network to source the best talent.

Goal setting development

  • Disrupt the monotony found in hospitality by setting the right goals with your team.  . 

Content marketing 

  • Whether you are an elementary school or a trendy casual restaurant down town, your guests eat with their eyes. Let get them on your side before they even sit down.  

Private cooking lessons 

  • Take your culinary skills to the next level. This is service ranges anywhere from the home cook to the professional brigades. 

Culture analytics

  • An outsider’s take on your operations culture and what direction it is going in   

Effective communication practices 

  • Communication is an undervalued skill that acts as the key ingredient in culinary success. We will educate your team on how to communicate with everyone they come in contact with

We love to talk. Especially with hospitality folks. We also love to cook, collaborate, advocate, and serve. Please click the link above or email Danny@cumberlandheritage.com.  We will be anxiously awaiting your message! 

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