We are a husband and wife duo with a holistic approach to the food manufacturing and food service industries. We value positive mindset, wellness-focused lifestyle, real-food nutrition, sustainable sourcing and servant leadership. Through Cumberland Heritage, we partner with early-stage food startups and offer thoughtful solutions to common industry challenges. Our mission is to create stable work environments, encourage positive culture, and improve access to real-food nutrition.


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Growing up in the Cumberland Valley in western Maryland, Danny was heavily influenced by the importance of agriculture and livestock in his region. At the age of fifteen Danny began cooking professionally and attending culinary classes at his local vocational school. Following this, he earned a degree in Culinary Arts from Baltimore International College, graduated from the apprenticeship program at The Greenbrier Resort, worked under multiple certified master chef's, and trained in various Michelin starred kitchens. Danny was nominated for World’s Best Young Chef by San Pellegrino, won the Ment’or Young Chef Competition, and coached a Bocuse d'or team at the regional level. He opened and operated Roots 657 in Leesburg, Virginia where he was also a part-owner. Most recently, Danny became the Restaurant Chef at the Everglades Club in Palm Beach, Florida. Through these experiences he has discovered his passion for modern techniques while still practicing classical disciplines. 


In 2016 Danny was diagnosed with testicular cancer. After surgical treatment, he began to look for more natural solutions. He submerged himself in the literature about using food to heal his body and achieving optimal health. This experience did not diminish his passion for refined cooking, instead it has given him purpose. Before when creating dishes, the sole focus was on techniques and trends. Now Danny focuses on sourcing ingredients, incorporating nourishing traditions and creating beautiful food.  

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Danny Sterling

Julia has a Masters in Teaching from the University of Virginia, and she is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. She is also a certified fitness instructor and works in Richmond, Virginia as a fitness coach. Julia believes in real food—properly prepared, nutrient dense, whole food sources that nourish the body. She enjoys combining her passion for teaching and nutrition by working with clients to achieve their personal health goals. Julia helps her clients let go of outdated dietary rules and restrictive mindsets, in order to build positive relationships with food. 


In founding Cumberland Heritage with her husband, Danny, Julia hopes to encourage individuals to make nourishing food and lifestyle choices. Her family originates from the Appalachian region in Southwest Virginia. She draws inspiration for cooking and health practices from Appalachian folk medicine and tradition in this region. She has witnessed a continuous decline in health among her family, as well as members of the community in this area. Julia believes that consuming sustainable, locally-sourced, real-food can improve health, increase well-being and enhance community.

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Julia Sterling, MT, NTP



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